What is a Real Life session? | Documentary Sessions

Lifestyle sessions are a way for you to document your life. I know what you are saying - but my life isn't exciting. It's not about excitement. It's about the memories of where you have been and where you are going.

A couple of years ago I was going through some old photos with my siblings. We laughed at our matching outfits and forced posing. Don't get me wrong in the 80s that was the look! But you know what photos that made us remember stories - those snapshots. It brought back memories of family trips, things that drove us crazy about each other as kids (and still sometimes as adults!), our 'stunning' fashion sense, It made me realize while getting that family portrait is important, it's also important to document the everyday.

Here is the problem though. How do you document it if you aren't in the photo? You can document things here and there, but maybe your kids flinch away when they see you bring out the camera. And how do you capture that moment when you are both making a meal and that song comes on that causes you both to sing and dance.

That is what a lifestyle session is all about. Often these session are marketed to families. But they aren't just for people with kids. They are for people that have pets. They are for couples with no kids or pets. They are for single people.

Single people? Why you ask? Because you are single doesn't make your life any less interesting. In fact I bet it's pretty interesting and you might not even realize it. This is a chance to realize how fabulous you are.