Tara Funk

Obviously you have come here searching for a photographer. You have looked through my galleries and my blog and now are wondering a bit about the person wielding the camera.

I am a prairie girl to the core of my heart. Though am often tempted to visit the ocean frequently. I need no excuse to travel, hence my passport is always up to date and ready to go. When ever time permits, you will find me chasing storms in the summer and aurora in the winter. Yes we do get aurora in the southern prairies!

My goal is to give you memories. I know it sounds cheesy I want to create moments that bring laughter and wrap that up in a photo. I want to be there for the tears and capture that. I want to be there for the hugs, the kisses, the little touches and those facial expressions that only the two of you know what it means.

My home is based out of Regina, however I have a lot of family in the Swift Current area so it's not uncommon to see me there as well. I can also be found traveling to anywhere by plane, vehicle, helicopter, boat or horse. I haven't tried by a camel yet.....

Thank you for stopping by and please drop me a line I would love to hear from you.

                                                                                             Image by Ali Lauren

                                                                                             Image by Ali Lauren